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Friday, October 5, 2012

wedding bands

My cousin called me yesterday and told us some great news. She said that her boyfriend asked her to marry him and that she got so excited that she almost forgot to say yes. I asked her what she was doing right now and asked her if she could come over but she said they were looking and shopping for  wedding bands.  I said okay but come over when you are finished.  

Monday, October 1, 2012

Neglecting my Blog

Sorry to all my online buddies. I have been on vacation the end of September so I have not been paying much attention to my blog. However, I did really enjoy my trip to New York. The youngest and me got to visit my family there, but my husband and eldest had to stay home to work and go to school. Hopefully I will be able to post more later because we are still trying to get settled back home from our trip. I need to go get ready and pick the eldest up from school. Hopefully, I can post about my new job later too. We have had so many changes lately that it seems surreal.   

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

pc tuneup

My son’s computer has been very slow and crashing more often lately. My husband suggested that we download a pc tuneup program. He thinks that it will fix the register. I did not know that such programs existed. What do you think? Have any of my online buddies bought and used such programs? Did they work? Post any comments below and let me know what you think?   

Thursday, August 9, 2012

ukuleles for sale guitar center

We don’t have that many musicians in our family, but my husband came from a place where it was normal for friends and neighbors get together on a Friday night and play bluegrass music. It is one of his favorite childhood memories. He loves a banjo but the other day he was talking to one of our neighbors. Our neighbor had just finished searching online to buy a ukulele. We didn’t even know that played music much less a ukulele. So we told him to check out a website called ukuleles for sale guitar center. We hope he buys one soon so we can hear him play.

Back To School

Today was my eldest son's first day of school. I am repeating my husband but it seems that the school year gets earlier and earlier every year. We have three more things to buy to round out his supplies plus they sent home a ton of papers to fill up. They even sent home the same forms to fill out that we filled out just two days ago. I love organization and having to do duplicate work!  Not! Anyway, we have to adjust to our new schedules and see what life brings to me with school and/or work.

army t shirts

I have found the perfect gift for my husband. By now most everyone knows that he was in the Army before and that he went to Desert Storm. So I have found a website that sells great army t shirts. A usual they may not be political correct, but then again neither is my husband. If you are looking for some cool t-shirts then I suggest that you click on the link above and check out their website.    

It's been a Rough Week!